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Retirement Diaries: Living life with the goal of being a "Super Alive Centenarian" with Robyn Everingham

Retirement Diaries: Living life with the goal of being a "Super Alive Centenarian" with Robyn Everingham

Robyn is an ambitious and healthy modern retiree who is squeezing the juice out of life. She talks about her cognitive and physical health goals and what she does to try and become a centenarian.

This week we speak with passionate wife, mother and grandmother, Robyn Everingham, who has made the commitment to being a ‘Super Alive Centenarian’. She’s been researching, exploring and trying out ways to improve her physical and cognitive health with apps and tech. And today we talk about her journey and very personal lessons learned along the way about measuring key health metrics, being curious in her use of health apps; and having a good attitude to her health and longevity. Here's some key points in our conversation. 

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3.20  Tell us about your curiosity and your sense of purpose. Robyn talks about her journey to prioritise personal development in every stage of life. 

3.51 Life is about squeezing the juice out at every angle according to Robyn

4.20 Robyn wants to live to 100. She talks about why she believes she can and what she’s doing to achieve this. And we find out WHY Robyn wants this. 

5.45 Robyn’s three keys to enable her to live to 100 and talks about her passion for fitness and hiking

6.00 passion for hiking around the world, and her favourite trails in the US and the UK, including her recent trip to the UK hiking. 

7.10 Robyn discusses what led her to wanting to understand longevity better

7.20 How she got into riding on Peloton, and the competitiveness and inspirational community she sees on the Peloton app that keeps her hungry. 

9.15 Her husband’s health scare and atrial fibrillation and how they have led her on a journey to better monitor heart health metrics, and what she’s learned personally about it over time. 

10.00 What is atrial fibrillation and what has Robyn learned about measuring and monitoring as the partner of someone who suffers it. 

11.15 Heart rate variability (HRV) and measurement, what it is and how to measure it in real life and why Robyn monitors that for her own health. 

12.25 Her own learnings about HRV and stress and keeping her system in homeostasis. 

14.50 Her experience with intermittent fasting. 

15.30 Robyn is concerned about strength as she ages. And she tells us what she does regularly to try and prevent a decline in her strength and fitness. She also talks about the differences between hers and her husband’s health programs. 

17.40 What does Robyn do for cognitive health. She discussed why she chose Lumosity to test out as an app and how she’s used it to improve her problem solving skills.  You can read more about this on this article on Robyn’s blog Age with Attitude here

20.00 We discuss how long Robyn has been working on her health and longevity and trying out tech. 

20.44 The things she’s learned form others and international markets about the use of functional health tech globally, and her real experience of monitoring her own numbers. 

21.20 What does Robyn measure regularly? HRV, VO2 Max, Body Composition and what is she learning. 

23.25 - Our Fast Five!

Important Disclaimer: The information provided in this video/podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered as medical or financial advice. Viewers are advised to consult with qualified professionals for personalized guidance on medical or financial matters. We do not assume any responsibility for actions taken based on the content of this video. Please seek expert advice from licensed medical practitioners or financial advisors for your specific needs.

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Media coverage of How to Have an Epic Retirement

I’ve been battling to keep up with the posting of stories that have been in the media in the last week or two about How to Have an Epic Retirement. I have truly been blessed with the most enormous media interest. Many thanks to all the media who have talked about the book.

If you’d like to listen to some of the radio shows that have featured the book, or see our appearance on the Today Extra, or read the excerpt that featured in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, simply visit our website here. I’ll keep adding stories and clips as they come in.

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