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Retirement Diaries: Ken Moffitt on the real experience of managing his own super in retirement and 5 years living in a caravan around Australia

Retirement Diaries: Ken Moffitt on the real experience of managing his own super in retirement and 5 years living in a caravan around Australia

Ken Moffitt, an independent retiree, shares how his super has behaved in his 18 year retirement so far, the real cost of living in Darwin, and his five year trip caravanning Australia.

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This week in Retirement Diaries, I chat with Ken Moffitt. Ken is 18 years into his retirement and has been living life to the fullest for every single one of them. He and his wife sold up their life in Sydney in the mid 2000s and hit the road in a caravan for five years before settling down in Darwin.

In this Retirement Diaries Podcast Ken talks to me openly about the journey of managing their own superannuation through the troughs of the GFC and building it back up to support their lifestyle and cost of living. He discussed what they really spend on living costs, having settled in Darwin, which he says is a more expensive place to live than most in Australia. And finally he tells us all about their 5 year caravanning journey around Australia and why travelling Australia in a caravan clockwise is completely different to travelling it anti-clockwise and gives us some powerful advice for people thinking about a similar trip.

Ken was a Past President of the Association of Independent Retirees in Darwin so he’s very aware of the challenges and opportunities of retirement. Here’s the highlights:

2.00 Setting their retirement plan - they planned to have enough to lie their life well and leave nothing when they finished.

4.05 Super and how it worked for him over the years - his real life experience of living through and rebuilding from the GFC.

7.45 How does their budget compare to what ASFA says is a comfortable retirement?

9.00 Living in Darwin - the cost of living is higher. Why it is more expensive

9.45 How their medical and health costs have increased over time

10.45 Their real cost of living comes out closer to $90k

12.00 The costs of strata levies and insurance have increased significantly

13.00 Heading off on a 5 year caravanning journey including the clockwise and anri-clockwise experiences of travelling Australia - two totally different trips.

15.30 Lessons for anyone considering a 5 year caravanning adventure around Australia

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this podcast about retirement is intended to be general insight and for entertainment purposes only. It is not personalised financial, investment, or legal advice. Neither Ken Moffitt nor Bec Wilson are financial advisers.

The content presented is based on our understanding of current laws and regulations, which may change over time. We recommend consulting with a qualified financial advisor, accountant, or legal professional before making any financial or retirement-related decisions. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information shared. Listeners are solely responsible for their own actions and decisions based on the information provided in this podcast.

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