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Retirement Diaries: 'Don't learn the hard way' from Financial Counsellor and part-time retiree, Christine Jones

Retirement Diaries: 'Don't learn the hard way' from Financial Counsellor and part-time retiree, Christine Jones

We can learn so many lessons about preparing for retirement simply by talking about the most common problems retirees come to see financial counsellors for.

Christine Jones is a part-time retiree and a Financial Counsellor on the National Debt Helpline, and in this podcast and Youtube video she joins me for a conversation about the most common challenges that face people in retirement and how they can be avoided. We talk about financial stress, relationship stress and emotional stress.

The highlights of our conversation include:

Financial Stress:

  • Taking debt into retirement can be a big mistake

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the need to prioritise things you really need

  • Make sure you know and talk about what a good retirement looks like for you (and your partner)

  • Recognise that at some point in the future, only one of you will be alive and have awareness of what might be coming ahead.

  • Getting rid of debt before you retire - some of the ways you can do this practically

  • Making and delaying decisions in life. Don’t delay tough decisions.

  • Rental affordability and avoiding rent that is too high if you are single and living on a limited income.

  • Living alone and why we do it in the third phase of life

  • Get to know and love your superannuation and the things you should understand about it

  • Learn to salary sacrifice and get into the habit

  • Downsizing and superannuation - and the downsizer contribution

  • Superfunds and how you can access financial advice via your super fund

  • Transition to retirement income streams

  • Consider booking an appointment with a Financial Services Information Officer at Centrelink (FISO) to talk about eligibility for the age pension

Relationship stress:

  • Really talking with your partner about retirement

  • When two people retire into one house it can create more relationship stress than you expect

Emotional stress:

  • Boredom and emotional stress red flags

  • Finding purpose in the third phase of life

  • Love the things you do

  • Traditional hobbies vs finding your real interests in retirement, including Christine’s story about her own hobby of motorbike riding

Finally onto our Fast five - five flash questions we asked Christine about her own Epic Retirement plans.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Google podcasts or a myriad of other platforms, including right here on Substack. Be sure to subscribe (and like the podcast please) on whatever platform you use. Or, you can watch it on Youtube here too.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this podcast about retirement is intended to be general advice and for educational purposes only. It is not personalized financial, investment, or legal advice. The content presented is based on our understanding of current laws and regulations, which may change over time. We recommend consulting with a qualified financial advisor, accountant, or legal professional before making any financial or retirement-related decisions. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information shared. Listeners are solely responsible for their own actions and decisions based on the information provided in this podcast.

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