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Retirement Diaries: The #1 retirement bucket list holiday through Canada, Alaska and the USA with Suzanne Keir

Retirement Diaries: The #1 retirement bucket list holiday through Canada, Alaska and the USA with Suzanne Keir

Suzanne (and David) took a 7 week pre-retirement sabbatical to the #1 retirement destination, Canada, Alaska and they added America too. Their trip was epic, taking in all the bucket list must-dos.

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A trip on the #1 retirement bucket list holiday through Canada, Alaska and the USA with Suzanne Keir

Suzanne and her husband David, both in their pre-retirement, squirrelled together all their annual and long service leave and took an epic pre-retirement sabbatical to the number #1 destination on the epic retirement bucket list - Canada and Alaska, before continuing on into America. They chose to do the trip as a 7 week sabbatical from their jobs, and they enjoyed it so much Suzanne returned and put in notice to her employer that she wanted to retire. 

So today we’re talking travel, hearing about this truly epic journey, and all the highlights and experiences Suzanne and David had along the way. This will give you FOMO!  We also chat with Suzanne at the end about her imminent retirement and what she hopes lies ahead. 

You can watch it on Youtube below!


2.45 The big holiday overview. Join us as Suzanne talks us through how they did it, where they went and some of the experiences they had along the way. They picked off all the bucket list items, from Gold Class on the Rocky Mountaineer, to a lake-view room at the Fairmont Hotel on Lake Louise, seeing the Hubbard Glacier, Cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska co-incidentally with a Santa-Claus Convention on board. Then, they hired a car and toured some of the most magical parts of country California, through Yosemite, to a magical town called Groveland, overlooking El-Capitan, down to San Franciso; before flying to Chicago and staying in a haunted hotel. In Chicago they did a food and wine tour, ate lots of Italian. 

Then, from Chicago it was up to Niagara where they stayed in The Embassy Suites which overlooked the falls from their bedroom, and at night they change colour with a light show. David even did the zipline over the falls. Next it was off to Salem, doing the tour of the history of the witches and on to Boston for three days, touring the city for a few days. After that they spent five nights in New York, where they hired ebikes and rode all along the Hudson, to Battery Park, the Brooklyn Bridge. Then, onto Washington for two days of adventures.

Their last stop was Jackson Hole, a beautiful country town, where they spent several days, did two little tours, saw bears in the wild and saw the sights. 

One of my favourite tips is her recommendation that in every capital city, make the effort to book a guided tour. She explains the benefits of doing this so clearly! 

19.00, Suzanne admits she’s come back from the holiday and announced her plans to retire at the end of the year. And she talks about making this decision. 

She’s taking golf lessons, and a few of her friends are all retiring at the same time. She has lots of playmates. 

21.20 Our fast five with Suzanne Keir 

Some fun answers and here she talks about her retirement ambitions of driving a caravan around Australia and staying in it for three months at a time at the beaches. 

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