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From a uniformed professional life with a wardrobe of Glamorous "girlie" clothes, I've had to convert my wardrobe to my new Casual lifestyle. I mourn the loss of my Identity outfit as well as my glamorous Night life functions and elegant outings.

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Hi Bec, the information you are providing is very interesting and thought provoking. I read your article re the positive side of interest rate rises and noted your comments re economic stability. You state there are 4.1 million retirees. I was wondering with your contacts and knowledge if you can find out the total extra funds that will be in circulation this financial year due to the reversion of the minimum superannuation withdrawal rates. In our own case we will be withdrawing /allocating (spending / investing outside superannuation) an extra $50K+. Even if on average it's only an extra $ 1000.00 / retiree that's $ 4.1 B into the economy which is a significant sum.

Thanks, Ian Kilpatrick

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I'll have a poke around - it is indeed a lot of money!

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