About Rebecca Wilson

Hi, I’m Rebecca Wilson, better known as Bec, among middle and older generations in Australia and New Zealand. Most people know me for founding and growing the media and travel platforms, Starts at 60 and Travel at 60 over a ten year period, a website which reached more than a million over-60s each month. Building Starts at 60 gave me an extraordinary opportunity to watch and listen to how retirement has changed, and allowed me to become an expert in the retirement systems, psychology and health needs that people face after 50.

I stepped away from Starts at 60 in January 2023 to pursue my passion for helping people really understand modern retirement better and How to Have an Epic Retirement is my next project, a book, being published by Hachette, that will be released later in 2023 for everyone considering retirement; and a weekly newsletter for those dreaming about and wanting to understand retirement better. And this is just the beginning. I am building a program of high quality education to help people approaching and in retirement, in partnership with industry experts and corporates that want to see you properly supported in your journey.

Retirement as we know it has changed forever and it’s my mission to help a million people prepare for retirement properly and get more out of their second half of life. I want you to have an Epic Retirement, living a long, healthy, happy and financially secure life.

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